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Miraclesuit Swimwear Dots Hot Ziptress Midnight

20% Off£147.50   £118.00

Miraclesuit Swimwear Dots Hot Sashay Midnight

20% Off£162.50   £130.00

Miraclesuit Swimwear Belle Rives Charmer Swimsuit

10% Off£155.00   £139.50

Miraclesuit Swimwear Java Jumble Oceanus Swimsuit

20% Off£135.00   £108.00

Miraclesuit Swimwear Network Embrace Swimsuit Pompei

10% Off£150.00   £135.00

Miraclesuit Swimwear Network Madero Swimsuit Black

20% Off£137.50   £110.00

Miraclesuit Swimwear Suit Yourself Blitz Swimsuit

20% Off£142.50   £114.00

Miraclesuit Swimwear Ready To Pounce Barcelona Swimsuit

20% Off£135.00   £108.00

Miraclesuit Swimwear Ready To Pounce Sanibel Swimsuit

20% Off£132.50   £106.00

Miraclesuit Swimwear So It Seams Sashay Swimsuit

20% Off£145.00   £116.00

Miraclesuit Swimwear Lovely Lady Barcelona Swimsuit

20% Off£135.00   £108.00

Miradonna Sauvage Beach Dress Animal Print

30% Off£85.00   £59.50

Miradonna Sauvage Clio Swimsuit

30% Off£115.00   £80.50

Miradonna Shanghai Diana Zip Swimsuit

30% Off£115.00   £80.50

Miradonna Shanghai Sarong Yellow Print

30% Off£60.00   £42.00


Page 1 of 1:    17 Items

Miraclesuit is the leader in fashion control swimwear and continues to raise the bar of comfort control. Made with an exclusive Miratex® fabric that boasts three times the holding power of average swimsuit material, promising to transform and smooth the body in an instant without the use of control linings or conventional girdles. All Miraclesuit Swimsuits are also manufactured using Lycra Xtra Life fibre, which resists fit loss and fibre breakage caused by pool water and sunscreen, giving you long lasting shape and style.

As their strapline says: In a Miraclesuit a woman looks and feels '10lbs lighter in 10 seconds'

Miraclesuit, Simply created like no other swimsuit in the world.