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Cette for superior legwear

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Cette Bahamas Fishnet Hold Ups

black 10% Off£14.35   £12.95

Cette Bali Stockings

black off white 10% Off£15.50   £13.95

Cette Bellagio Polka Dot Tights

black10% Off£14.50   £13.05

Cette Bellagio Size Plus Polka Dot Tights

black10% Off£17.50   £15.75

Cette Berlin Stockings

black tendresse£6.75

Cette Brighton Plus Size Tights

black bruges taupe tendresse£10.55   £9.95

Cette Bristol Fuller Figure Tights

black 10% Off£16.50   £14.85

Cette Charlotte Fuller Figure Tights Black

20% Off£16.50   £13.20

Cette Cristal Stockings

black tendresse£7.50

Cette Dublin Classic Opaque Tights

aubergine autumn black blue black cacao caramel chartreux marine nearly black red orchid ristretto sand stellar tango 5% Off£11.35   £10.75

Cette Dublin Fuller Figure Opaque Tights

amethyst aubergine autumn black blue black cacao caramel chartreux coca coffee marine nearly black red orchid ristretto sand stellar tango 10% Off£14.35   £12.75

Cette Helsinki Opaque Hold Ups Black

10% Off£13.95   £12.55

Cette Jakarta Tights

black10% Off£17.50   £15.75

Cette Laguna Beach Open Toe Tights

summer soleil  10% Off£14.95   £13.45

Cette London Footless Tights

black 10% Off£14.65   £13.25

Cette London Fuller Figure Footless Tights

black 10% Off£16.95   £15.25

Cette Long Beach Tights

natural summer soleil  10% Off£12.95   £11.65

Cette Madison Fuller Figure Tights

black tendresse10% Off£12.95   £11.65

Cette Malaga Tights Black

24% Off£16.50   £12.50

Cette Oslo Tights - Various Colour

20% Off£20.00   £15.95

Cette Overknee Black

20% Off£14.35   £11.50

Cette Paris Fuller Figure Hold Ups

black ivory tendresse 10% Off£18.00   £16.20

Cette Paris Fuller Figure Hold Ups White

10% Off£18.00   £16.20

Cette Paris Hold Ups

black ivory tendresse white 10% Off£17.50   £15.75

Cette Phoenix Semi Opaque Hold Ups Black

24% Off£16.75   £12.75

Cette Sevilla Garter Ivory

£14.95   £14.50

Cette Sunset Beach Summer Hold-Ups

natural soleil10% Off£16.75   £15.25

Cette Tokyo Opaque Fuller Figure Tights - Black, Blue

26% Off£18.25   £13.50

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Page 1 of 2:    33 Items

Belgian brand Cette produces gorgeous high quality hosiery that looks and feels fabulous. Tights, stockings and hold ups are available in both Classic and Fun styles, and their Plus Size ranges are available to 4XL. Cette believes that high quality hosiery is not just an accessory, but a wardrobe essential that should fit perfectly –and it does!