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You Need To Know These Summer Fashion Tips To Hide Bra Straps!

Friday, 21 July 2017  |  Admin

How do you avoid underwear distracting from your look and hide your bra straps? The easiest way to keep your summer outfits looking hot is with simple bra solutions.

When it comes to summer we all love wearing floaty tops, loose clothing and pretty dresses in halter neck, off-the-shoulder and low back styles.

It's not until opening our wardrobes and seeing full, soft cup and push up bras staring back at us with straps and back bands we realise; the cute summer outfit we mentally planned out is a complete no go...

These bra hacks and solutions are by far the best (not so secret) fashion secret of all. They make keeping your everyday brights out of sight super easy.

These bra hacks provide everything from hiding bra straps and offering strapless support to boosting your cleavage...

How to hide bra straps

Off-the-shoulder and racer back clothing has us women struggling to conceal our straps the most. With these easy bra solutions, you can buy those summer clothes without having to worry about what you're wearing underneath!

Hiding Straps - Racer back

Braza Magic Clip

This nifty little clip transforms normal bras into racer back bras, pulling your bra straps closer together so as they can't be seen under your top. Just clip the Braza Magic Clip onto your straps, adjust to pull them closer and slide your top, dress or cami over the top!


Hiding Straps - Off-The-Shoulder

Braza Silicone Petal Tops (Nipple Covers)

If you're confident (lucky enough) to go bra-less, popping these Braza Silicone Petal Tops on top of your nipples will cover the shape without being obvious and without a visible outline. These are smooth silicone nipple covers with a all natural feel. You can definitely rock off-the-shoulder look wearing these.

Braza Sew in Cup

These waterproof sew-in bra cups are perfect for when a bra is not an option. Easily sew the Braza Sew In Cups into your clothing for concealed support with a little bit of lift.


Bra Tricks for Low Back Dresses and Tops

Secret Weapons Go Lo

A nifty little bra hack to transform any of your bras into a low back bra. The Secret Weapons Go Lo converts any back closure bra into a low back design by connecting to the hook and eye closure. Once attached, all you have to do is wrap the straps round the front and you now have a low back bra to wear with your low-back tops and dresses!


Bra hacks for backless

Braza Deep Plunge Adhesive Bra

If you're going backless or strapless then you need a bra to match. The Braza Deep Plunge Adhesive Bra is the best hack for backless as its silicone adhesive wings provide reliable support and security without visible straps or back bands. It also has a very deep plunge for those sexy low front outfits too.

Secret Weapons Invisilifts

For maximum lift when a bra isn't an option, Secret Weapons Invisilifts are there to help. Invisilifts are clear self adhesive miracle workers that lift your breasts by up to 5cm. Just apply to the top of the breast after trimming to your cup size and apply. You can also use this bra hack under your swimwear to enhance your cleavage. They're waterproof!