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Sports Bra Outfits No Gym Required!

Friday, 8 September 2017  |  Admin

It's officially Autumn and the time to make your sportswear fashionable; incorporating sports bras into your everyday outfits by wearing them casually.

Almost all of the brands we stock combine fashion with gym wear, creating amazing bras in fun colours and designs for women with big boobs; so let's take layering to a new level and throw in a sports bra!

No gym required.

Apparently, it's common knowledge in the fitness industry that a summer body is made in the winter... along with a lot of hard work and healthy eating; but what exactly is a summer body? Who decides what a summer body looks like?

If the season we see for a maximum of two months here in England decides to bless us with a gleaming sun and weather hot enough to put a bikini on, then all of us tick that box.

Nevertheless, we're going to take advantage of societies social expectations and fashionably exploit it.

The best part about Autumn and Winter is layering becomes trendy again, so, wearing a bra as a top and getting away with it is going to be easy. Let's start with a pop of colour!

The Elomi Energise underwired sports bra in Pomegranate is perfect if you're looking to make a fashion statement.

Style this bright colour sports bra with dark trousers and a smart structured blazer for a chic look. Add a soft cardigan or sheer top for extra layers.

Elomi Energise is a wired sports bra which holds and separates the bust to deliver total support up to a K cup. It's made from microfibre with moisture management and stretch straps for comfortable support.


If you're after something less striking a Panache Sport sports bra is a great alternative. Panache sport bras come in more neutral tones including black, nude and white. And, currently have two types; moulded non-wired and moulded wired.

The Panache non-wired moulded sports bra is perfect if you love a full cup that's wire free. Like a good sports bra should, it consistently reduces breast movement in all directions, and it's made from moisture wicking material to keep you cool.

You can wear as a racer back sports bra because of its convertible strap options meaning it's a veryvery versatile alternative to a regular bra.

Available in two colours and up to cup size H.

Panache's wired moulded sports bra great when it comes to making gym wear fashionable as it comes in three colours; with the same racer back option as the non-wired version and offers both supreme comfort and support.

This award winning wired sports bra is perfect for both exercise and this fashion experiment.

Available up to cup size J.

Hopefully, this article has convinced you that wearing sports bras in outfits isn't such a crazy idea and inspired you to give it a try!

Embrace feeling comfortable, supported and fashionable whilst socially appearing to work on your summer body.

Benefits of Wearing Sports Bras Over Normal Bra

  1. They reduce breast pain – Sports bras are designed to handle movement and motion during high impact sport so a well fitting one will comfortably provide maximum support and hold breast firmly in place.
  2. They can reduce long-term sagging – Big boobs are heavy! But a study by the University of Portsmouth found wearing a sports bra helps prevent premature sagging as they have a higher compression and stop breasts moving as much as they would in ordinary bras.
  3. They reduce sweating – Most are made from fabric that helps control and regulate body temperature. That means reduced or no boob sweat, great!
  4. They're super comfortable – Full support, tick. Soft fabric, tick. Straps that don't fall (ever!) tick. Reduced sweat, massive tick. Need we say more?
  5. They're modest – The full cup means your breasts won't show when you bend over, and often the compression provided by sports bras results in a minimizing effect. It's a win, win.