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Dare to Bare: Casual Lingerie Outfits with Lepel London

Friday, 25 August 2017  |  Admin

It can be hard keeping up with the new fashion craze in a world of forever changing trends and opinions. But fashion it is all about individual style; how you as an individual choose to dress. So why not try wearing your underwear as outerwear?

Countless celebrities have been snapped embracing the look throughout the years, wearing chemises, bustiers, bodies, and bras as part of their everyday attire and the trend hasn't gone out of style yet (we're not sure it ever will).

Lepel London: Style From Beneath Clothing

In 2016 Lepel Lingerie released their Lepel London range. This range focuses on the fashion inspired lifestyles of their A to E cup size customers, including modern shapes, delicate detailing and muted colourways.

Lepel say their Lepel London collection is for the free spirited and fashion conscious looking to create their own style from beneath their clothing.


So for all of you thinking of trying the trend that keeps making appearances in catwalks, runways and fashion shows; experiment with outfits using the Lepel London pieces!

Onto Modern Guilt-free Lingerie Looks...

Wearing lingerie as outerwear not only give you a sense of freedom, but it means you can treat yourself to all the sets, delicate satin and lace pieces you want without feeling guilty – they'll become part of your everyday wardrobe anyway!

Just like celebrities embracing the look your everyday outfits can include lingerie too. Below you'll find a few different ways to style your underwear as casual day looks.

Recreate any of the outfits above, or use our top picks, including London Lepel and Charnos Lingerie to pair with your casual wear. Just click the image to get to the product and see size availability.

Fuller busted women, don't feel like this trend isn't for you, because you can definitely wear these sexy outfits too. All of our top picks above cater for larger busts and wearing a longer jacket or chic blazer with them will give the perfect balance between exposure and style.

There's no doubt wearing strappy harness bras and lacy bodysuits as casual outfits takes a lot of courage...

But, we hope this post has inspired you to start incorporating lingerie into casual outfits and provided a few sexy outfit ideas when it comes to experimenting with your style.

For more outfit ideas (including nightwear) visit The Fashion Spot and find out why blogger babe Eleni Mitzali thought of setting fire to the rest of her wardrobe after she wore lingerie as outerwear for a week!