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Holiday Checklist: Fun in The Sun Without Tan Lines

Friday, 28 July 2017  |  Admin

We all have one thought in mind when booking a holiday; sun, sea and stress free! But when the time comes, packing for your holiday can very quickly become a headache...

Having to remember all of the essentials to put in your luggage, and pre-plan pool side outfits, late night dinner outfits, and casual beach outfits can all get a bit too much to say the least. Luckily, holiday checklists are just a Google away and most of us book our relaxing get-a-ways in hot countries, so it means casual clothing is substituted with swimwear.

How to avoid tan lines

Tan lines are inevitable. But getting visible tan lines is somewhat avoidable. To make the most of your holiday skin and get an even tan, there are a few things you can do to prevent an uneven glow:

Tip 1 – Adjust Your Straps

Firstly, you can pull down or undo the straps on your bikini top and adjust your bottoms every few minutes. Although it's going to be very easy to forget to adjust your swimwear every few minutes when relaxing on the beach or pool side, especially for those of us that just want to sip our pina colada in peace, it does work for preventing tan lines.

Tip 2 – Multi-way and Strapless Swimwear

Secondly, pack and wear your strapless or multi-way bikini's! Obviously the best way to tan without getting tan lines would be to go naked but, of course, unless you're visiting a nudest beach, the next best alternative is to wear a strapless or multi-way bikini top (generally bandeau styles).

Our two favourite bikini top picks would be Freya Swim Deco Multiway and Panache Swim Anya Spot

Freya Swim Deco Swim Multiway Bandeau Bikini Top       Panache Swim Anya Spot Bandeau Bikini Top

The best thing about these two bandeau bikini tops is that they can be adjusted quickly and easily, with the added option of switching up your style, or wearing the straps in a different position for a different look. So the bikini top you wore today looks like a different one tomorrow (Shhh!).

You can also give your bust a little lift & boost with the Braza liquid edge bra inserts – slip them into your bikini top to enhance your cleavage with added benefits of natural mineral oil moisturiser.

Tip 3 – Change Position Frequently

Following tips 1 and 2 should help you to dramatically reduce getting visible tan lines. But for an even summer glow, you have to remember to change position frequently when sunbathing (this is obviously easier to do if you're laying down).

If possible, you want to lay out in the sun on a reflective blanket. A reflective blanket will help reflect sun rays evenly across your body, tanning your sides, front and back. Changing your sunbathing position throughout the day will even out your sun exposure to give the most even tan possible.

Flip from your stomach to your back every 20 to 30 minutes and ét voila! You should have an even summer glow in no time.

When Packing For Your Holiday...

  1. Remember to wear your heaviest clothing to the airport – any item that's weighty or will keep you warm should be worn to the airport, and same goes for the way back!
  2. Roll everything! – Rolling your clothes can save you a lot of space. Squeeze socks (if you're bringing some) into your shoes and slot your underwear in any gap you can find.
  3. Don't pack what can be bought – your hotel is likely to provide bath towels and a hairdryer, and anything like shampoo, conditioner, razors and body lotion should be easily purchasable when you get to your resort.
  4. Get light weight luggage – the lighter your bag, the more room you have for your swimwear and clothing!
  5. Don't forget a cover up! - remember to pack yourself a lightweight cover-up that compliments your swimwear and casual clothing. For when you don't want the sun exposure and encase it turns a little colder.

That's it for our holiday checklist. Now knowing how to avoid tan lines and prepare for your holiday should be a breeze.