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5 Strapless Bras For Late Nights & Date Nights

Friday, 15 September 2017  |  Admin

Carrying on from our “5 Bra Types You Should Know” article, we've highlighted another 5 bra types that are perfect for late nights and date nights, these include; deep plunge, multiway, adhesive and silicone bras, backless and strapless, and push-up bras.

So, you've got a fun-filled night with your girls or an exciting date planned and the top (or dress) you've decided to wear is backless...

Best case scenario; your trusty strapless or silicone bra is in your wardrobe, tucked away waiting to join you on the town!

Worst case scenario; the bra you thought you had isn't in your wardrobe because you've been meaning to purchase a backless type bra for a while and haven't got round to it...

Total vibe kill.

Luckily, you've come across this post just before the worst case scenario becomes reality.

And, the good news is, we've highlighted potential 5 backless bra types so as you know all the options available.

If you want to find out more about magical invisible back bras that can give support without straps, keep reading...

(You're not after a bra? Take a look at our backless fashion solutions instead!)

To help further each type has been rated out of 5** - by our bra fitter - to give you an idea of the breast support on offer.

Plunge and U-shape/deep plunge

Plunge bras are designed to allow wearing low cut and backless clothing without showing your bra.

Usually, when strapless, this bra type comes in a deep u-shape construction. Deep plunge bras push the breasts up for gorgeous cleavage, dip down in a u-shape and support the breasts with padding.

You may want to try the Braza Deep Plunge Adhesive Bra if your chosen top or dress is low cut as well as backless! Available up to cup size D.


Multiway Bra

Multiway bras come with detachable straps which can be attached and detached as required.

Also known as a convertible bra, this bra type often has a lot of hooks in place so as the straps can attach in various ways and accommodate the type of top you're wearing.

Although not backless, a multiway bra is an essential for your lingerie closet. And, as their straps can be removed, definitely worth a mention!


Adhesive / Silicone Bras

This type of bra adheres to the breasts (as the name suggests) and is strapless with no back band. Adhesive bras are typically reusable, backless, strapless and made of silicone.

Although very good for fashion, and made from strong medical grade adhesive, this bra type doesn't offer the best support for breasts but works well with low back and sheer clothing.

For a stick on push up bra you can try the Braza Cleavage Pal with lace up enhancement that can be adjusted and tightened. Available in A, B, C, and D cup sizes.


Backless & strapless Bras

Strapless bras can be convertible and come with detachable straps, or in the bandeau style with the construction of a plunge or push up bra, and are designed to provide lift without the use of straps.

Strapless bras often use silicone, underwiring and vertical boning to give the lift and support needed. For women with larger breasts, look for a strapless bra that's lower in the band under the cups to offer more support. Think of these as a strapless bra that stays up.

This bra type is perfect to wear with strapless dresses and shirts, and even halter-neck designs.



Push-up bras

A push-up bra lifts your breasts towards the center, enhancing cleavage but with the added help of straps and padding.

Strapless push-up bras push the breasts together from below with padding made of rubber or foam.

Generally, women with smaller breasts grab for these bras first (for obvious reasons) but this type of bra is also great for women with larger breasts and less breast volume.

All of these strapless bras have the potential to help shape, support and lift your breasts to perfection, finishing off your late night look.

Don't forget, you can also use our fitting guide to get well-fitted bras (backless or not) that look good no matter what you're wearing.

Now it's just up to you to pick a backless or strapless bra suited to your breast size, weight, and your outfit. Enjoy your night girls!

**Please note: Support rating should be taken as a guide only. Breast support varies between brands.