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5 Bra Types You Should Know, But Do You?

Friday, 18 August 2017  |  Admin

Are you ready to learn about the different types of bras and how their shape can give you the perfect support?

We've selected 5 popular bra types to help you choose the right bra and support for each of your outfits.

Every bra style, fashion, and functionality constructs the breasts differently. So, depending on the occasion, knowing the different constructions dramatically helps in finding the right support for your breasts.

And, knowing the different types is definitely a bonus when revamping your wardrobe and shopping for bras altogether!

By using this quick guide and our bra fitting tips you should be able to take your comfort to the next level with ease and get well-fitted bras that look good no matter what you're wearing.

Val our bra fitter has even rated each type out of 5** to give you an idea of the support on offer.


Balcony Bras & Demi Bras

Balcony bras (or balconette) and demi bras are very similar. Both feature half-shaped cups with broad straps and a horizontal bust line.

Balcony bras appear fuller in the cup than demi as they have more of a shelf. A benefit of wearing a balcony or demi bra is you get a little extra volume to the breasts, as they are designed to reveal the top half of the breast, pushing them up instead of toward the center.

Demi ultimately describes the style of cup shape for a bra, and generally only just comes up over the nipple, plunging quite low to show cleavage.

Women with smaller-sized boobs can wear a demi bra to give the illusion of bigger breasts, and women with medium-sized boobs should opt for the balcony for a sexy and supportive option.

This bra type will support a larger bust, but as they are cut lower across the cup, they don't offer as much support as a full cup. Balcony bras are ideal for low cut, scoop neck or wide necklines.


Full Cup Bras

Think of full cup as a support cup as full cup bras offer the most support and are great for heavy busts.

Obviously, this makes full cup bras a very popular choice for women with large cup sizes!

These bras cover the whole breast and are designed with support and comfort in mind. A lot of sports bras are made with this construction. This bra type is specifically shaped to ensure all of the breast tissue is contained within the bra.

A downside to full cup bras is that they will be visible under anything slightly low cut but are perfect for regular wear under t-shirts and sweaters.


T-Shirt Bras

The "T-shirt style" type is specially designed for a seam-free look preventing lines under tops and helping prevent visible nipples. You can find T-shirt bras in full cup, balcony and plunge constructions with slight padding to ensure lumps and bumps are hidden and provide a line free finish. However, as a compromise for a seamless look, T-Shirt style bras have slightly reduced support in larger cup sizes.

This bra type is the most adaptable style as it's comfortable and can be worn under various types of tops and dresses. Especially if they're made of thin fabric.


Sports Bras

Sports bras are designed to provide firm support to the breast during exercise, with additional support to prevent discomfort and the chances of your breasts moving too much or popping out during exercise.

This bra type is great for women wanting to exercise without pain or worry and will hold your girls in place. Especially handy for women with larger breast!

Sports bra are often made with a full cup and from material that helps draw sweat away from your body. They can work as a great alternative to a normal full cup bra if you're after something stretchy with a tighter compression.

Fitting Tip: Always jump up and down, and side to side when trying on sports bras, and stretch the material to get an idea of the range of movement you'll have in it. Also always look for pain points too as any discomfort during trying it on will be worse after longer wear or during exercise.


Plunge and U-shape/deep plunge

Plunge bras are designed to allow wearing low cut clothing without showing your bra. These bras usually have wide set shoulder straps and the cups join together low with a thin centre piece.

If your outfit of choice is a little black dress with a plunging neckline then you should consider plunge bras and plunge bras with a deep u-shape construction. Deep plunge bras push the breasts up for gorgeous cleavage, dip down in a u-shape and support the breasts with padding.

Women with a larger bust should look to structured plunge bras for more support. The plunge bra gives you the freedom to wear any neckline that's widely cut as well as low.

Fitting tip: Lean forward when trying this bra type on and check your breasts don't fall out the front. If they do, it means it's not the right fit for you and you should try another size.

**Please note: Support ratings given for each bra type should be taken as a guide only. Breast support varies between individual brands.